Just Cause 3 1.03 PS4 update notes mystery

We can confirm that the scheduled Just Cause 3 1.03 update that was due to go live on Friday has now in fact gone live hours ago. The Just Cause 3 update today is 1.364GB in size and now we can let you know what has changed in the game.

The good news that we can see straight away, is that the Just Cause 3 load times on PS4 appears to have significantly improved on 1.03.

It also looks like the developers have managed to get the framerate a lot smoother on 1.03 as well which is obviously great news.


You can see confirmation of the update going live with our image, but take a look at the Just Cause 3 1.03 notes above to see what else is new – Avalanche has decided not to go into detail compared to 1.02.

In the meantime, let us know what else you have personally spotted different in the game after installing the Just Cause 1.03 patch and whether you think it has signIficantly improved your own experience.



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