FanFiction down for 6 hour outage on March 4

We have been keeping an eye on a FanFiction outage today and although we have already told you about previous issues with this website, we can see that is still down and not working 6 hours later on March 4, 2016.

Unsurprisingly, users are not very happy about it either. We were expecting this to be a minor outage and FanFiction back up within the hour, but for some reason the website is still not working and down for maintenance.


The frustrating aspect is that there has been no official word from the FictionPress Twitter page to give users a much needed status update.

Hopefully this outage won’t last much longer and servers will be back up as soon as possible. Leave us a comment below if you have been affected by this outage and we’ll provide updates here as we get them.

Are you shocked that there has been complete silence on this for around 6 hours now?



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