Destiny Xur location for March 4 live with inventory

By Alan Ng - Mar 4, 2016

Xur has arrived in the tower for another week and now we give you a heads-up on where Xur is for Friday March 4, 2016 and what he is selling today compared to last week.

Last week, Xur finally had a weapon with the Truth exotic rocket launcher while he also had other items such as the Ruin Wings and Mask of the Third Man.

This week Xur is located outside by the railings and he is selling the MK 44 Stand Asides, Nothing Manacles, Graviton Forfeit and the Hawkmoon!


He has just spawned, so it may take a few minutes for him to actually appear live if you are currently running around the Tower to find him.

Leave your thoughts below on this week’s inventory and if you recommend any of the above exotics to newer players who are just getting started.

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