Clash of Clans March 4 Maintenance for Clan War update

By Alan Ng - Mar 4, 2016

Attention all Clash of Clans players now, as we can see that Clash of Clans is down right now for a Maintenance Break on March 4 2016. We have the reason why for you now and confirmation that a new update is coming soon!

The new CoC update for March 2016 isn’t coming today though. Supercell has just revealed on Twitter that the maintenance break today is server side only, but it will prepare for new changes coming in the future update.


Supercell has already given a teaser of this to the community by announcing significant matchmaking changes to Clash of Clans which will arrive in the next update.

Specifically, we now know that War sizes 35v35 and 45v45 are being removed from the game, in order to boost available matches in other war sizes.


On top of this the developer has also confirmed that powerful, late-game defenses and troops such as Inferno Towers, Eagle Artillery and Grand Warden will now have much greater matchmaking impact.

You can see the other changes affected by the Clan War matchmaking patch in the notes above – you can see other details over on the Supercell forums here.

Expect more details of other changes in the new Clash of Clans update soon. For now though, give us your reaction to the matchmaking changes below – are you happy with them or not?

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  • COC is life

    The people who use mods suck there just cheating and annoying. I played in Clan War with people who would use mods and it was annoying and stupid

  • COC is life

    I hope in the update they ban Xmodand things like that cause it’s annoying and unfair

  • Risingape

    Need to find and ban modders