PS4 3.50 beta notes with hidden features

We have already told you that PS4 system firmware 3.50 is coming very soon and before that, PS4 3.50 beta codes will be sent out to allow select users to test drive the new PS4 update before it is publicly available to everyone.

Now, we can confirm that the beta is already live and the good news is that there are some hidden PS4 3.50 features that Sony didn’t initially reveal when announcing the new update earlier this week.

For example, you can see from the screenshot below that the PS4 3.50 system software notes also include things like having the option to send event or party invitations to groups or communities.


Another great feature not mentioned by Sony is that once 3.50 is live, users will be able to check the PSN status directly from their console by heading to Settings> Network. This is going to be a priceless feature whenever PSN is down and users want to quickly check for problems.

One more which is going to be appreciated by the community is the ability to turn off party join notifications. We’re sure some of you are sick of getting the notification each time a random friend joins a random party, so now you’ll be able to turn this off on 3.50.

Don’t forget that these are bonus features coming in 3.50 on top of what we already posted here. Let us know your thoughts on the feature list so far and if you have been lucky enough to get into the beta!



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