Marvel Future Fight 1.9.6 update with Proxima Midnight preview

By Alan Ng - Mar 3, 2016

We now have details on the next Marvel Future Fight update for you now, which could well turn out to be the Future Fight 1.9.6 update.

Marvel Games has announced a massive new event which will be taking place in March and will affect many of the company’s mobile games including Future Fight.

This is the ‘Women of Power’ event and we can confirm that for Future Fight players, a new event is coming soon to unlock Proxima Midnight.

You can get a sneak peek of the character model below, which was leaked in advance weeks ago via datamining. So far, only Proxima Midnight has been confirmed for the game, but it’s worth pointing out that Enchantress was already leaked last year and would also seemingly fit into the ‘Women of Power’ category.


Right now, we don’t know whether Proxima Midnight will be locked away to a paywall like Carnage was but we’ll have to wait and see. Who knows, there may even be a scenario where Proxima Midnight is available to everyone via an event, but Enchantress ends up being the premium new character which you’ll have to buy the monthly biometric selector to get.

Netmarble should be revealing full details of the next Future Fight update soon, so stay tuned to the Mobirum Forums and keep checking back here where we’ll keep you updated.

Are you happy that Proxima Midnight is coming to the game, who else would be a good fit for ‘Women of Power’ in Future Fight?

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  • Ideas

    John Byrne (80s Hair) or Dan Slott (Lawyer and popular Purple/white swimsuit) versions of She-Hulk,
    Charles Soule version of Hellcat from she-hulk comic. squirrel Girl, Titania villain, Spectrum from the mighty avengers comics.