GTA 5 Online 1.33 update for Lowriders 2 DLC cars, weapons

By Alan Ng - Mar 3, 2016

We are getting closer to the next GTA Online update for GTA 5, with speculation brewing that it is going to be a significant update which will add the GTA 5 Lowriders Part 2 DLC content to the game.

This content has been rumored for some time and it was initially thought that it could be released in conjunction with the GTA 5 Valentine’s Day content for this year.

That obviously didn’t happen though and now we are expecting the content to drop for the first big GTA 5 update in March 2016.

Rockstar hasn’t announced anything officially yet, but leaked information dating back a few months suggests that the bulk of the content may have already been revealed.


Presuming information from regular GTA 5 leaker FunMW2 is correct, then above could be the list of new cars from the GTA V Lowriders 2 DLC.

They include the likes of the Faction 3, Mini Van 2, SabreGT2, Tornado 5 and Virgo 3 among other cars which you can see above.

There’s also going to new weapons with the Lowriders Part 2 DLC and if leaked information is again correct these should be the Double Barrel shotgun and also a Combat Rifle.

Remember that none of this is confirmed yet, but at least you have a heads-up on what could be coming very soon. Is this the GTA 5 1.17 update all packaged into one?

Let us know what you want to see personally from the Lowriders Part 2 update for GTA 5 in our comments section.

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  • Jefferson Bovice Cupernicus Jo

    Baseless predictions like usual. Nice click bait.

  • Wulffman

    They have to add the picador ( el Camino ) to this update….have to. I can’t believe it wasn’t done in the first set of lowriders at Benny’s

  • GTA V is so dead. I hope R* is almost done with GTA VI.


      So dead yet millions still play?. Gta 6 won’t be out till 2018 the earliest.

      • Ricky Julian

        I agree, I think they will release the next GTA during the last year of the PS4 just like they did with the PS3. I’m hoping Rockstar is revealing the next Red Dead this year

        • DEKE STOKES

          Same here but i think we might be getting a entire new game in general.

      • No, you are wrong and you know it. Now shut your yap.

        • DEKE STOKES

          how about you shut yours 😀 Fred lmao

        • OK. Thanks, and I sincerely hope you have a great day.

        • Mombasa69

          Lol what a troll

    • joe

      u have no idea this is still one of the most popular games and its 2 years old never mind being the most popular game EVER. read the facts before spewing crap out of your mouth.

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        • deshaun

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