PSN maintenance today hits Destiny, Black Ops 3 servers

It’s the start of a new month, but we have a reminder that Sony has already sent out word warning of PSN server maintenance on March 1 2016.

That means that Black Ops 3 and Destiny servers will be down today and it is going to last around two hours. Sony has advised gamers to stay signed in to the PlayStation Network to play online games and now we have a heads-up on the PSN maintenance times for March 1.

It will affect gamers in the US at prime time, with PSN down at 9.30PM PST until 11.30PM PST. That means for those on Eastern Time it is 12.30am until 2.30am and PSN down in the UK from 5.30am until 7.30am on Wednesday March 2.


Some of you may have already experienced Black Ops 3 and Destiny servers going down earlier on today, although this was just a brief outage.

Now you know though if you are planning a session you should stay signed in well before the times above. Let us know if your PSN status is down right now and if you have encountered problems today.

Let’s all play a game, how many times will PSN go down in March?



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