PS4 Folders release date still missing after 3.50

By Alan Ng - Mar 1, 2016

With Sony having just announced the imminent arrival of PS4 update 3.50, we can see that already there is a lot of discussion on how PS4 Folders is still missing from the list of features on the console.

This was a simple feature on the PS3 that was used universally by every user to organise their games and media into easy to access folders.

For some reason though, the PS4 Folders release date is still nowhere to be seen since launch and gamers are again asking Sony why.


On the EU Blog comments section under the 3.50 update details, you can see multiple comments from users who are all asking what happened to Folders.

Sony has been silent on the feature coming, although they are finally bringing PS4 online and offline notifications so perhaps folders are coming next.

Are you surprised and a little shocked that these simple features are still missing from the PS4? Tell us your thoughts about the wait on PS4 Folders below and any other features that you are still waiting to see.

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