BO3 Awakening DLC Xbox One release time for US, UK

By Alan Ng - Mar 2, 2016

We are now just hours away from the highly anticipated Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Awakening DLC Xbox One release time for US and UK, after Xbox owners endured a painful wait having seen the content release first on PlayStation.

This is going to be an ongoing deal too, so after Awakening is out on Xbox One and PC the DLC 2 map pack will be exclusive on PS4 as well – just like Xbox owners enjoyed a similar deal with previous releases.

On to the main talking point though. Awakening DLC 1 is out on Xbox One and PC on March 3 which is a Thursday, so make sure you are aware of that since some may have expected a Tuesday release.

Activision nor Treyarch have announced an exact time for when the Awakening DLC download is live on the Xbox Marketplace and Steam.


We know from history though that this always tends to happen from 1am Pacific Time, or 4am Eastern Time onwards as Activision always stick to a pattern – if Awakening DLC is out at midnight on Xbox we will update this article accordingly.

The release times above for US means a UK release of around 9am so this is a good heads-up for when to start looking.

When the download is live, you should be able to find it at this link so keep refreshing the page on Thursday to get it early.

Use our comments section below to build up to the launch of Awakening on Xbox and PC – are you definitely buying it, despite the PlayStation exclusivity?

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  • beast

    It is out on steam now!! im playing it

  • beast

    1pm pacific 3pm central 4pm eastern for steam

  • Liam Doyle

    Comes out 8:00pm guys

  • trevhacker

    its not out on steam until 6pm guys if u read online

  • SlimeAttack

    i think its coming out 16.00 am on steam.

    PS: I HOPE!!

  • kiki

    not yet on steam :/

  • beast

    1am pacific is 3am central time and i still dont have it.. It is now 3:46

  • jr

    out for pacific

  • jr

    when does it come out for pacific time

  • Chris

    when it comes for pc?

  • Joseph Itzen

    It’s not out on the PC yet that or its not out in Mountain

    • beast

      PCDev says it will be out at 10am pacific

  • corbin

    Is it out for central time

    • WSG eSports

      It should be released for all regions now.

      • corbin

        Ok thanks

      • corbin

        The ad to download it isn’t there

  • Yeaboi

    Yea it’s out now yay yay

  • corbin

    So its out at three?

    • WSG eSports

      It’s released NOW!

      • nn

        it says its in my games and apps but i dont see it

  • WSG eSports

    Now released in UK, refresh your game…..

  • jake

    its out now in the east coast for xbox one then pc is sure come come out here shortly

  • パーカー ジェフリー

    Its out north america. East coast user. Also a season pass holder.

  • matt

    That is when aaron

  • matt


  • Aaron


  • Aaron

    when is it out for the uk

  • Aaron

    how long

  • Mickeyds

    You can change reigon to uk and play everything except zombies now guys no troll

  • Yeaboii

    1hr20 minutes to go

  • jake


  • jake

    I’m a pc person I don’t know when its coming out can someone enlighten me on this subject

    • beast

      10am pacific time today it will be out

  • aj

    When does it come out

  • Dalton

    It come out in two hours?

  • Dustin WB

    Cant wait till it comes out two more hours

    • Josh

      At 3:00 right

  • Jay Reid

    Where the he’ll is it. It says I’ve installed it but nothing is showing

    • jake


  • Stephen McNeil

    WHERE IS IT?!?

    • Burritos

      4 and on bro have some patients. Chill.

  • Ed

    Wasnt going to out of protest..still might not..its shocking..everyone should have it at the same time!

    • Gez

      It’s funny how these opinions only reared when playstation got the rights to a 30 day priority.
      Btw I’m on xbox have been for year fair is fair we had our time

      • Jealousy

        Our time was what, a week or so exclusive time. I’m just not a fan of the whole month time. I’d of been fine with a week or two, but a month is excessive.

        • Titsmcgee

          na man. it was 30 days

        • jake

          I don’t see the point in early releases though I mean we all are going to get the same dlcs but what is the point of having another console/platform receive a month early sorry I’m just curious

      • WSG eSports

        Actually in many countries it isn’t fair and in breach of competition regulations, particularly in the EU and UK. By law, the DLC should be released on all formats at the same time and by not doing so they are creating unfair competition.