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Fallout Shelter 1.4 update notes with list of changes

It has been a very long time in waiting, but finally we can see that Bethesda are almost ready to go live with the Fallout Shelter 1.4 update.

We know this as Bethesda has now posted the Fallout Shelter 1.4 changes for Android and iOS so you know exactly what is coming up. Given that Fallout Shelter hasn’t been updated since December, these changes are long overdue as you can imagine.


One of the biggest new features in Fallout Shelter 1.4 is crafting. Players will soon be able to create new items that are actually useful, just by recycling their growing junk list.

With crafting coming, Bethesda are also adding new Weapon and Armor rooms in Fallout Shelter specifically for crafting.

Fallout Shelter pets will also get everyone talking with Bethesda putting cats, dogs and parrots into the game, which should make many of you happy.

Take a look at the full list of Fallout Shelter 1.4 notes above and give us your reaction to everything that is coming.



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