Whatsapp 2.12.453 update with all new Emoji list

By Alan Ng - Feb 19, 2016

For those that are still not aware, we have a quick heads-up to all Whatsapp users on Android now. There has been a new Whatsapp 2.12.453 update on Android which finally adds over 100 new Emoji for users to enjoy.

It has been a long time coming of course since iOS owners have been enjoying new Emoji for Whatsapp for months. Better late than never though and straight after Valentine’s Day, the update is now live.

As a result, we have a list of all new Emoji for Whatsapp on Android for those that want to see all at once in a useful visual format. Before that though, check out Whatsapp’s official 2.12.453 update notes below as shown on the Google Play Store.


To see a list of all Emoji at once, you can head to this site – again if you were not aware, Whatsapp simply takes all emoji that Apple uses on iOS devices, so it is all streamlined for Whatsapp across both platforms.

Which new emoji on Android is your favorite – the now infamous middle finger or the ‘geek’ emoji? Take a look through the link then let us know below which one you have been using the most with your friends.

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