FIFA 16 Ultimate Team problems for transfers, fitness

By Alan Ng - Feb 19, 2016

It has come to our attention that many FIFA 16 players have experienced problems lasting for over 12 hours today, with FIFA 16 Ultimate Team not working properly in relation to squad fitness and relisting items on the transfer market.

Specifically, players have found that fitness is not being used on players after games meaning that they can use the same squad two games in a row without facing any fitness penalties.

While this may work in the favor of some players, this problem has also spread to the FIFA 16 transfer market with players unable to relist players or sell any players.


The good news is that EA has already acknowledged the problems, although they haven’t been able to find a fix for over 12 hours which is very strange.

Is this happening to you right now, with fitness not being used for your squad as it should be? Let us know your FIFA 16 game experience at the moment with Ultimate Team and if there are other areas of the game that are not working as it should be.

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  • Bren

    I have had the transfer promblem since Friday

  • Me

    I noticed this glitch around noon yesterday (pacific time) I was using my squad online, and saw that my fitness was only changing for one of my players after every game, (John Terry). I then used a different team, and noticed that the same fitness problem. Today though, I got a few new players and tried bringing them into my squads. Whenever I did this, it said that there was a problem connecting to the EA servers. I hope that this gets fixed soon, because every minute that these problems are here… PES is getting more and more popular.

  • Matt

    Its still doing it with me. Any news on when a fix might be available?

  • james

    its taking 20 mins to find opponents….cant sell players…cant change my players around….cant do anything basically. But i can buy packs funnily enough thats the only thing that never goes wrong with shitty ea servers. spent good money on packs and now cant even play the bloody game

  • harry

    No goals or assists are being credited to players either, but games and contracts are being tallied and used

  • S415_952

    When i try to put players in my squad and then when im to go to online seasons it kicks me of ultimate team