Marvel Future Fight 1.9.5 Carnage gameplay screenshots

By Alan Ng - Feb 15, 2016

The Marvel Future Fight 1.9.5 update is just hours away, but before that we can now bring you the very first look at Carnage, one of the main highlights of the update and the latest addition to the symbiote characters in the game.

Carnage looks absolutely fantastic and thanks to CM Nightnurse at the Mobirum forums, we can now bring you a preview of the character which was recently teased on an official live stream for the game.

Carnage is going to be a combat character, with biometrics apparently exclusive to a new type of monthly selector which will require real money.


This is how he will look in game though on the skill preview mode. His 6-star skill looks incredible on first impressions – a massive AOE attack which gives him i-frames whilst performing.


In other words you can’t get hit while doing it and this means that Carnage is going to be extremely useful on Alliance Battle. Another great feature that we saw was a Carnage skill that slows down enemies with mini symbiotes attacking the enemy – healing Carnage in the process!


Check out the beautiful art that you’ll get for Carnage when zooming in up close and personal – the developers have done a great job most will agree.

Let us know what you think of Carnage below in our comments section – are you unhappy on the method of acquiring him?

Do you want to see previews of the other new characters? Let us know below!

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  • Chinz

    netmarble needs to fix the f***ing timeline battle, the match making system keeps on matching me up against over powered level 60 characters

  • DarkstarVision17

    Yes finally someone that agrees with me they better make carnage the 7 day character or I will be unsatisfied.
    P.s either agent venom or deadpool hell even electro in future fights next update

  • DarkstarVision17

    This is dumb I’ve wanted carnage for so long and I don’t pay any money why make one of the best characters in the game one to have to pay for when some people don’t make him the 7 day free character and you have one happy player

    • Adam Moon

      So damn true, I play but refuse to pay because of the game doesn’t have enough mission nor characters to play and I wouls love to see Agent Venom we finally have Carnage why not introduce the other symbiotes as well? From Maximum Carnage storyline. I know maybe impossible due to rights but Wolverine, Cyclops (my favorite) would be awesome, and Doctor Doom from F4 together with Dr Strange since both are sorcerers their power could be useful pair them with Loki or Amora the Enchantres.

      • DarkstarVision17

        I mean bruh 7.99 for the monthly selector for carnage bios that’s not cool I know they want people to pay so they can get money but taking good characters away from us isn’t going to change our minds we may think about it if you producers read these damn comments
        And listen to us as players hell even marvel contest of champions has more characters to play as

        • SpiderMan 2099

          u could restart the game and choose him that what i did