Comcast Cable TV down on February 15 with angry customers

By Alan Ng - Feb 15, 2016

We can see that there appears to be a fairly serious outage right now in the US, with Comcast Cable TV service down on February 15 2016 and not working across most states.

As far as we’re aware, Comcast internet is working, but cable TV is completely broken at the moment and Comcast are coming under fire from angry customers on social media as a result.

Above is the live feedback with complaints coming in by the minute, but the most frustrating thing for many consumers is that thee’s no statement from the ComcastCares Twitter page, acknowledging the Comcast cable TV problems on February 15.


We’ll press for an answer on this, but in the meantime give us your Comcast status right now.

Is cable TV down for you in your area? Tell us where you are so we can pinpoint how widespread this outage is.

Update: Comcast has now acknowledged the outage by stating the following:

We’ll continue to provide updates for you on this, let us know if your service is still down.

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  • 12th Man

    Maybe i ought to get a streaming device & kiss cable goodbye. Perhaps local channels ought to be added to them.

  • John R

    Random (maybe basic) channels available in Woodstock, GA. Still can’t raise any of the Comcast/Xfinity support phone numbers. Internet is still working, but slower than usual. We can now see the Xfinity “Support” webpage, which now pops up with a header of “Service Interruption” and a splash page showing: ”

    We’re working to make your experience even better.

    An update is currently underway and what you’re trying to access isn’t
    available right now. We’ll have everything back up and running in just a few
    hours, so please try back later. Thanks for your understanding as we work to
    make this the best customer experience possible.”

  • CharlieC

    Do we get a refund? Seems we pay for 24/7 service and they charge late fees if not paid in time.

  • Moriah Jaanai

    No tv service in Richmond CA. No customer service either!

  • Cisinc

    HD is out in metro Atlanta….and don’t bother calling them to report it – their lines are overwhelmed.

  • chief03275

    Live is down, but OnDemand remains active – Concord NH

  • Gary Anderson

    Just checked again my service her in Littleton Colorado is back on

  • Ruby Tuesday

    F*ck you Comcast. Texas City TX has outage. GOOGLE FIBER WE Need You.

  • Kevin Williams

    Wondering if other cable services are having the same problem

  • Dazeez5555

    Comcast cable outage for most channels in far west Chicago suburbs. No way to reach them by phone or internet. Is there any update from Comcast at all as to what the problem is and how long it will out?

  • R.Marchi

    Can only get local channels, no cable channels, Illinois. Cannot access account on website either. No customer service.

  • Kevin Williams

    Down here in Connecticut only local service available no HD channels available

  • Deborah Felmey

    Spoke to friends in WVA and parents in NJ – same deal as here in Maryland. Local channels only. NO HD no video service and certainly NO customer service.

  • Gary Anderson

    My cable is out on most channels. Littleton Colorado. I also am very frustrated as trying to contact Comcast by phone just gets you disconnected when you press “1” for outages. Help and support from the Comcast website just spins off to nowhere.

  • Keeployal

    Salem NJ out, This is crazy their phones not working either, they can at least place a recording on the phone line telling you they are having a problem instead the phone goes busy or all circuits are busy. Real good customer service.

  • TheLight

    Woodbridge Township, NJ. TV reduced to local channels only, internet still up. Customer service cannot be reached by phone or web.

  • Jerry Slaff

    Only getting local over the air channels through cable box here in Aspen Hill, Md., just outside Washington DC. Internet and phone are working. Xfinity live TV online NOT working.

  • Bikerjohn

    Fox News normal and HD still out, not on streaming App for Xfinity either.

  • Annie42

    TV out. Just channel 2. Belleville NJ

  • geb0

    cable tv out – local channels only – in waldorf, md