PSN down February 13 with maintenance NP-35000-8 error

We can see that PSN is down on February 13 2016, at a very inconvenient time for gamers during the weekend when most will sign in to PSN for a long gaming session.

It is always frustrating when PSN is not working over the weekend and now it looks like many users are seeing PSN down for maintenance with a NP-35000-8 error specifically.

As far as we’re aware, PSN is not down globally as the service is up and running in Asia at least. Even the official AskPlayStation Twitter page stated minutes ago that PSN is up, but as you can see from the live feedback below – it definitely isn’t for many right now.


Another screenshot below shows the current realtime status of the PSN service which again states that there is no problems right now.

Is this causing a headache for you, as we know that PSN is down in the US and UK for maintenance for many users. As we try to find a solution on this, let us know if PSN is down in your area so we can determine how widespread it is.

Are you getting the same PSN maintenance NP-35000-8 error code above, or something different?



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