New Fallout 4 Survival Mode feature requests for 2016

You have been asking for it for months and now we are very happy to see Bethesda confirm hours ago that there will be a new Fallout 4 Survival Mode overhaul coming soon.

Even better, Bethesda has already promised that the new Survival Mode in Fallout 4 will have diseases, food, sleep, danger and ‘more’.

We are going to be getting a full reveal of this soon according to the developer and right away we can see that the Tweet below has been met with mass hysteria in a good way.


Fans are pumped for the new Survival mode and hopefully it is going to be content rich enough to keep players busy in the ongoing wait for DLC and the Creation Kit mods.

As we wait for Bethesda to divulge more details, we want you to leave your own personal requests on how Bethesda can make Survival Mode amazing.

It seems to be a universal feeling that this should have been in the game from the start, so list features below on what you want to see implemented to make sure it is handled in the right way.



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