Destiny Xur location hunt for February 12

We are again just hours away from another new Xur appearance this week, with players looking to find out where Xur’s location is for Friday February 12 2016.

As always, we will be updating this article the second Xur spawns in the tower or reef so remember to check back here later. For those new to Destiny who are wondering what time Xur appears today, it will be at 9am UK time, 1am Pacific Time or 4am Eastern Time over in the US.

Last week, Xur had a good weapon for players by offering the popular Suros Regime exotic auto rifle. Also on sale was the Radiant Dance Machines, The Stag and the Immolation Fists so it wasn’t a bad week at all.


What are you hoping to see from Xur this time around for his February 12 inventory? Remember that Crimson Days is now in play for Valentines Day, so let’s hope that Xur shows a little love to new players with another nice exotic.

Have you returned to Destiny to play the new event, or are you still bored with the game and are waiting for the Destiny 2 announcement?

Leave your last minute exotic predictions for Xur below and come back when we’ll update this with the new wares and location soon.

Update: Xur is live once again! This week he is selling the Obsidian Mind, Peregrine Greaves and the Celestial Nighthawk along with two engrams. No weapon for this week – disappointing.

Location: Tower Hangar



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