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Windows 10 update with new Defender tools for Feb 2016

We have some good news for those that like to keep their PC updated with the latest security checks in the ongoing fight against dangerous viruses and malware.

A new Windows 10 update for Windows Defender has become available for February 2016, adding the latest malware protection for Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool.

This works hand-in-hand with Windows Defender and in case you weren’t aware, the free software receives a new definition update at the start of every month offering the latest protections.


This time, Microsoft is offering protections for ‘Winsec’ and you can see it added to the growing list of malware families protected by Windows Defender here.

While this will be uninteresting to most, you’ll definitely appreciate it when this latest update helps to eliminate threats on your system which attempt to steal personal data.

Let us know if you are a regular Windows Defender user and if you are currently happy overall with the free security that Microsoft offers with Windows 10.



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