Titanfall 2 release date in December 2016 after toys leak

By Alan Ng - Feb 11, 2016

For those that are patiently waiting for news on the Titanfall 2 release date for PS4 and Xbox One, it looks like we have some juicy information to share this week.

Respawn Entertainment and EA have yet to announce a release window for the game, but it may have already been leaked in advance due to confirmation of a Titanfall 2 toys range that will be coming out.

McFarlane Toys have sent out a press release, revealing that they will be launching Titanfall 2 toys in Winter 2016 – you can see this yourself by checking out the promotional banner below.


This is obviously rather interesting, given that this confirmation of the toy line has come before confirmation of the game launch itself.

Given that the toys are out at the end of the year, this suggests to us that the release date is going to be announced at E3 2016.

December 2016 could now be the time when you’ll be able to get your hands on a new Titanfall game and remember – this one is coming to PS4 as well as Xbox One.

Are you excited about this, or did you completely forget about the Titanfall series? Give us your thoughts below.

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  • Titanfail

    PS4 gamer here. Didn’t get to play the first one (obviously), therefore am uninterested in this. Respawn backed the wrong horse.
    When devs decide to go exclusive, they may as well STAY exclusive. At least that way, they get to continue to get the bag of money from Microsoft or Sony (like Halo, Uncharted etc). By making the first one unavailable on the PS4, they have lost those sales for all future iterations, but only get paid by Microsoft for the first one.
    Therefore, this will have the same sales as the first one, but they will lose their exclusivity money. This will be the last Titanfail – unless they are already committed to a “trilogy” – but that would make the chopping and changing of platforms even more stupid.