New BO3 DLC weapons odds in Rare Vs Common Supply Drop

By Alan Ng - Feb 11, 2016

If you weren’t already aware, there are several new weapons that have arrived in Black Ops 3 via the Black Market. One of these is the NX Shadowclaw crossbow which everyone is trying to get, but we want you to leave feedback on whether you have been able to get these new weapons in Common Supply Drops.

Everyone knows that Cryptokeys are not easy to come by and it takes a good while to be able to open up those Rare Supply Drops for 30 Cryptokeys a time.

We’ve included one video below though which shows several Rare Supply Drop openings for BO3 which results in the player finally getting the crossbow.


Hundreds of Cryptokeys were needed though before finally getting the drop, so we want you to let us know how your luck has been so far.

Have any of you managed to get the crowbar, Marshal 16, MX Garand, Fury’s Song or the NX ShadowClaw in a Common Supply drop? Post your results below and let’s see how rare these weapons really are.

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  • SerSleepyWolf

    I Recently Started Playing BO3 Again On A Different Account As I Wanted To Restart However Didn’t Want To Lose All My Progress, Using The 200 COD Points You Are Given For Free When First Starting On An Account, I Opened A Rare Supply Drop And Got The Path Of Sorrows Katana, I Was Very Lucky.

  • Nick

    Most players have to grind to get The weapons. I grinded for the Free weapon bribe and ten supply drops and it gave me a FFAR. I saw other weapons to to but got crappy weapon skins instead.

  • Scott Sting

    I was lucky enough to get the nx shadowclaw last night. I received it during the special alert in which you get 5 rare cases to open for 90 cryptokeys. It was in the first case I opened and was the first item to appear. I guess it was worth staying up till 3:00 am for! 😛

  • michael reschke

    Yeah i spent $40 dollars and got 2 worst melees in the game, carver and butterfly knife. And yeah iv’e spent 1-2 months now trying to get the nx from just playing. Hasn’t happened

  • olesien

    I got Nx shadowclaw in a common drop, first try for the day lol

  • Christian

    i got the marshalls the nx the fury song the butterfly knife all out of commons rares only guareentee a rare and better chances its costing 10 cryptokeys per drop in a rare. commons you get 9 shots for the price of 1 rare supply drop. just dont give up

  • Roger W. McIntosh

    I purchased the new deal of 10 rare supply drops for the price of 5. I got a total of 50 rare supply drops. Didn’t get a single classified weapon. Most if what I got was duplicates. I’m not spending money on this at all again

  • Sneakystar

    What’s great is that I had a chance, a pop up of the MX Garand and the NX Crossbow TWICE. I thought “oh well, hey if I save enough I am bound to get it”, no I opened 48 RARE SUPPLIE DROPS and it poped up 2 times on the MX and NX and never saw any other weapon drop. Yes, your saying I am butt hurt and I am. I like to play this game with friends, but to play since it started, (only weekends since work), I saved all the keys I had because I wanted to see if it is going to help later on that there is some special event. Why can’t they just make it accessible by paying in crypto keys, or just make it free. Every weapon is balanced in a way where one is just the same as the other but has different traits (Some don’t and I get it). Compare to PS4 and Xbox One, PS4 has a harder chance of getting it, which I have a PS4. Again I like the game, but I am not going to pay $100 to whatever amount, yes they made it so we will pay for these cool guns milking us of our cash. I don’t wanna spend anymore on this. My opinion, make it easier to get, both systems have equal chance, make it buyable in cash (Which I am willing to do) or crypto keys, or just make it free.

  • jordan

    what are the percentage chances for getting the new weapons would anyone know

    • R.Buhagiar

      Very low my friend, very low

    • ThatOneGuy

      About 0.8%