New BO3 DLC weapons odds in Rare Vs Common Supply Drop

If you weren’t already aware, there are several new weapons that have arrived in Black Ops 3 via the Black Market. One of these is the NX Shadowclaw crossbow which everyone is trying to get, but we want you to leave feedback on whether you have been able to get these new weapons in Common Supply Drops.

Everyone knows that Cryptokeys are not easy to come by and it takes a good while to be able to open up those Rare Supply Drops for 30 Cryptokeys a time.

We’ve included one video below though which shows several Rare Supply Drop openings for BO3 which results in the player finally getting the crossbow.


Hundreds of Cryptokeys were needed though before finally getting the drop, so we want you to let us know how your luck has been so far.

Have any of you managed to get the crowbar, Marshal 16, MX Garand, Fury’s Song or the NX ShadowClaw in a Common Supply drop? Post your results below and let’s see how rare these weapons really are.



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