Black Ops 3 NX Shadowclaw Bayonet, Dual-Wield gameplay

All the talk at the moment is about the new DLC weapons in Black Ops 3 which can only be acquired via Supply Drops. The main highlight is the awesome new NX ShadowClaw Crossbow weapon and now we have some juicy Black Ops 3 NX ShadowClaw gameplay for you to enjoy showing the Bayonet and Dual-Wield attachments that you can use with it.

We can see already that many of you are desperately trying to get the NX ShadowClaw from a Supply Drop and we can tell you for those that are trying, it is an Epic level weapon.

We’ll talk about the debate on Treyarch making new DLC weapons exclusive to Supply Drops another time, but for now let us just show you it in action.


The NX ShadowClaw Dual Wield mode, or Akimbo looks rather good and borderline OP given that you can just keep firing out arrows until your enemy dies.

It also looks like the BO3 ShadowClaw Bayonet attachment turns it into a one-hit kill, so all you need to do is get close via power slide and melee for the easy kill.

One of the best things about the new crossbow in Black Ops 3, is that you can pick up your arrows by moving over a dead body which is really nice.

We’ll bring you more gameplay throwing the NX ShadowClaw Tri-Bolt attachment soon, but for now let us know what you think of this weapon.

Is it overpowered, have you managed to get it yet?



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