Minecraft 1.23 PS4, PS3 update live with full list of changes

By Alan Ng - Feb 10, 2016

It has been a long wait for Minecraft players on PS4 and PS3, but finally we have good news today. The Minecraft 1.23 update is now live and rolling out as of Wednesday February 10, 2016.

As a result, we can now give you a heads-up on the Minecraft 1.23 changes for those that still need the full list of notes. We’ve already told you about these in advance here, but consider this another reminder as we still see people asking for them on Twitter.



Above is the full Minecraft 1.23 patch notes list for PS4 and PS3 and they are the same for both platforms, as 4J Studios is updating both platforms simultaneously to keep things simple.

There’s obviously a lot of bug fixes there to get through, so take a read and then let us know what else you spot in our comments section below.

Do you have the new Minecraft update for February 10, 2016 now, since it could take a while to roll out to every region?

Xbox owners, discuss the delay for your version of the update here.

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  • Nibal Abou Dargham

    i Already Bought Minecraft And now when i updated it, it said “Unlock Full Game” and i am pissed.

  • UncleCreeper

    Spent a few hours tring to tame an ocelot. Cat would eat all the fish I gave and enter love mode but would never tame. Also occasionally when playing split screen entering the nether would cause game to crash. Also second player also has to reset their options everytime… i.e. character skin, turning off help hints

    • Bmac

      Taming an ocelot is a bit more complicated, it’s not a bug. You have to get relatively close (I think 10 blocks, but if you get too close it begins to run away), hold the fish, and let it walk up to you while you stay still. Then feed the fish and it should tame. If you just run up to it and start feeding it, it’ll do the love mode but not change. I think if it runs away you have to wait a while before trying again, as well.

  • sly

    ps there was life on that list it always lags the underworld fps low and the fire still little invisible 0,0 ‘m disappointed improved nothing 🙁