Killing Fallout 4’s Kellogg in the best way

If you are just about to take down Kellogg in Fallout 4, we wanted to share a couple of videos which may help you in this quest.

Bethesda has just launched Fallout 4 1.3 or 1.03 on console and for some users this has actually meant quest progression and finally getting to Kellogg after being stuck at a certain point.

There seems to be good feedback in terms of Bethesda’s performance after 1.3 on console as you can see here, so we thought we would upload a couple of videos with what lies ahead when you get to Kellogg.


One is a full build-up to the Kellogg battle, while the other is simply one of the best slow motion Kellogg kills in Fallout 4 that we’ve seen.

Have you just got to the stage where you can now take on Kellogg in Fallout 4 after the latest patch on console? Let us know how your Fallout 4 game is holding up so far after installing the new version.

Has Bethesda done a good job?



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