Fallout 4 Creation Kit Vs DLC release priority after 1.3

By Alan Ng - Feb 10, 2016

With Bethesda finally managing to get the Fallout 4 1.3 update out on PC and consoles, all attention is now on what is coming next to Fallout 4 with regards to the outstanding Creation Kit and of course the first piece of post-launch Fallout 4 DLC.

It’s no secret that fans are starting to get a little frustrated on the silence regarding new content for Fallout 4 and we just wonder if Bethesda are now starting to work on getting some smaller DLC out for the game to keep players busy before bigger expansions arrive and the Creation Kit.

We do know that the Fallout 4 Creation Kit will be released on PC first, then Xbox One owners will get mods from the Creation Kit after that, followed by PS4 players who will be last to the table.


It has been four months since Fallout 4 was launched and to remind you this is the longest period that we have had without a DLC announcement at least. We already spoke about the length it took to announce DLC for Fallout 3, so Bethesda are already running on borrowed time without even announcing anything to players.

We all know that developing the new content will take time and it will probably be amazing once it is finally released. Do you agree though, for the benefit of Fallout 4 Season Pass owners at least, that Bethesda should at least give a heads-up on what the hold up is?

We want you to tell us your priority right now in relation to whether you would rather have DLC out first, or the Creation Kit mods.

Leave your feedback below and let’s send the message to Bethesda.

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  • Adrian

    Creation Kit first because it allows us to make alot more enjoyable mods than the company. I’ve seen insanely awesome user made mods created on the Nexus for Skyrim. The Creation Kit is our soul that generates such beautiful modifications. Bethesda’s DLC’s COULD be disappointing and boring though.

  • IndianaMatthew

    I`m not re-downloading FO4 until they get their s##t together…

    • ACG

      You said that as if not re downloading the game is going to teach Bethesda a lesson they will never forget……….they dont give a sh*t.

  • ADAM

    Creation kit first

  • SirusZero

    Creation Kit first. I’ve been modding BethSoft games since FNV and would much rather be able to make some bug fixes and alter the game how I see fit, rather than have more bug riddled content in the form of DLC. Using 3rd party tools (xEdit/xSnip) will only get you so far, especially on a new engine. We need the CK before we see good quality mods being released on a regular basis.

    • Verontier

      It is not new. The Creation Engine was devised back in 2008 and is just an enhanced version of the Gamebryo engine that was first used to make Skyrim (added basic real-time shadows and more detail to distant objects) and then Fallout 4 (added physical rendering, dynamic volumetric lighting, and better character generation).