Get new Black Ops 3 NX Phantom, M2 Raider, Fury’s Song now

Following on from the release of new Black Ops 3 update 1.06 on PS4, it appears that Treyarch has inadvertently left some secret weapons in the game files for players to find.

We can tell you that there are five new weapons in Black Ops 3 – these being the NX Phantom crossbow, the M2 Raider Assault rifle, the Marshal 16 pistol, the Fury’s Song sword and the Iron Jim Crossbar melee weapon.

You may not be aware, but there is actually a method on how to get the NX Phantom, M2 Raider and Fury’s Song in Black Ops 3 right now.


Reddit users have been dishing out the information on how to do it, which involves some tinkering of game settings when playing custom games in offline mode against bots.

Given that Activision are actively removing YouTube gameplay showing the new weapons, we’re assuming that they don’t want players to see the new weapons yet so use the above information at your own risk.

Then again, if Treyarch want to keep everything a secret then they should probably fix this workaround in custom games in time for the next patch, as it doesn’t really seem like an exploit at this point with players freely able to create custom match settings as intended.

What do you think of the new weapons in Black Ops 3 and which one looks your favorite?



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