Fallout 4 1.03, 1.3 update changes on PS4, Xbox One

By Alan Ng - Feb 9, 2016

We can confirm that the delayed Fallout 4 1.3 update on Xbox One and the Fallout 4 1.03 update on PS4 is now live and finally available to download.

If you still need a heads-up on the Fallout 4 1.03 patch notes, you can find everything you need to know here. What we want to know though is your personal thoughts on the update after installing, since Bethesda is once again promising another general performance and stability improvement.

There should also be several key quest fixes as well, these include ‘Taking Independence’, ‘End of the Line’, ‘The Big Dig’ and ‘Confidence Man’ to name a few.


We’re getting reports from both sets of console owners that the update is live on PS4 and Xbox One, so leave us a comment below if you are now installing in your area.

The Fallout 4 1.03 update on PS4 should be around 506MB, while the Xbox One update should weigh in at 530MB. Has Bethesda finally fixed the quest that you have been stuck on with 1.3 / 1.03?

Leave your feedback on this update below and let’s see if the wait was finally worth it.

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  • Troy ivey

    Wow, you fixed the things I didn’t care about and now my game freezes every time I fast travel or try to save, and after two days of deleting things and reinstalling and even initializing my system, I discover it was this stupid patch that caused the problems and all I had to do was disable my internet, something I should NOT have to do, how do you create a patch that fixes minor things and causes one major problem in the process?!?

  • Billy Batson

    Just tried to complete the undercover underground mission, it still will not let me warn desdemona!? Anyone else have this problem?

    • Anonymous Ostrich

      Same. So pissed.

  • Carl

    Added ability to rotate an object you are holding with left/right triggers and pressing down on left thumbstick lets you switch the rotating axis


  • Mikkel Andersen

    4 hours into 1.03 PS4: they fixed the McCready perk, so no more vats 95 pct on heads. Further it seems every brother you meet from mutant to raider holds at the very least one minimun – love it! 😀 graphics run smoothly! Absolutely stunning by now

  • big boy

    i have a problem where after you destroy the brother hood of steel when you talk to Ronnie shaw
    she do not end the mission she just keeps selling supplies

  • James Boggs

    I can’t modify men’s suits now, my red dress shows up on the armor workbench but my clean black suit doesn’t. What is Deacon going to wear now? He was my MiB agent

    • Mikkel Andersen

      Did non armor apparel ever show up in armor WB? Xbox?

      • Dave

        You can if you have the Ballistic Weave from Railroad Missions.

  • Mikkel Andersen

    First thoughts after 1h gameplay: Looks more crisp than ever on PS4 since 1.03 update! Further, now you can see exactly what your settlers are assigned to in build mode.

  • Jason D’Engenis

    Does the shipment glitch still work? That’s what I want to know.

  • Jeremy

    When are they gonna fox the ballistic weave bug? Because I’m still pissed off

  • Risa

    Any idea of when the console players will have mods?

  • Don

    Let us have the vendor glitch back

  • Ibs

    About the wall quest, the problem is I killed the raiders before I did the quest. I got the green paint but the guy in Diamond city can’t be talked to. I hope that can be fixed.

  • Darryl Lawler

    Major audio errors and crash to XMB. Crap.

  • Staci

    Crazy lag when trying to fast travel or pause/unpause the game. Like long enough that I reset a couple times thinking it had frozen completely

    • Kevin Cyrenne

      Same problem, extreme lag when pressing the OPTIONS button, when sleeping, fast travelling… I tried reseting game and console but nothing has improved.

    • Kevin Cyrenne

      HERE’S A FIX: Go in PS4 settings and then off Internet connection and it solves the problem immediately.

      Maybe not the best solution but at least I got to play my game 🙂

  • Shawn

    Just downloaded it and now I can’t play the game keeps freezing thanks fallout 4 well worth the $60.

  • Matt

    in general a good fix… but they nerfed MacReady’s “perfect-headshot-from-any-distance perk” glitch… you could have left that one in guys, just sayin

  • Josh

    It now takes a good 15 seconds when pressing start to actually show the menu and to get back to game on Xbox one

  • Scott Beeh

    One thing not mentioned on the update page linked, is that hovering over a settler while in workshop mode now shows an icon as to what they are assigned to or if they are unassigned it shows that as well.

  • SettledSam

    Companions can be ordered around in settlements ok. Changing axis feature don’t seem to work though.

  • Kieren gh

    I’m downloading it now