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OnePlus Two price drop forces refund for recent purchases

There has been yet another OnePlus 2 price drop, with this one also being permanent. The is not only for the US, but also the UK and other countries in Europe.

We know what you are thinking, another price reduction when you only bought yourself a OnePlus Two smartphone very recently. Thankfully, the phone maker understands your concerns and has taken steps to try to make you happy.

The new OnePlus 2 price for February 2016 is $349 in the US, €345 in Europe and £249 in the UK. The good thing is, this now means you will pay just $100 more for this smartphone than you do the OnePlus X, which has you know is the entry-level model.

OnePlus 2 refund

The company has said that for anyone that has purchased one of these handsets within the last 15 days will get a $40 refund in the US, and not only that, but for a limited time a free StyleSwap cover.

We know that there had been a cheeper price than this in the past, but that was for a 16GB model, whereas the one currently available at this new price is a 64GB model with a Snapdragon 810 processor and a massive 4GB of RAM.

Many people have been wondering just why the OnePlus 2 has been reduced in price, and the reason is a simple one, the cost of producing this smartphone has now become much cheaper.



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