GTA 5 1.17, 1.33 Online DLC update for Valentine’s Day 2016

We look ahead to the incoming GTA 5 1.17 update on PS4 and Xbox One now, or the GTA 5 1.33 Online update specifically for those that follow the online version.

These are the versions of the game next up and as we have already revealed – it should be the GTA 5 Valentine’s Day DLC known as the ‘Be My Valentine’ content.

This update is going to contain a lot of new GTA 5 Valentine’s Day clothes to buy, as well as at least one new car as the remodelled Roosevelt has already been found inside the code.

So when is the GTA 5 Valentine’s Day 2016 DLC going to be out? February 14 this year falls on a Sunday, so we can definitely rule out the content from going live then.


Rockstar always releases their content on a Tuesday or Thursday, so going on their previous trends we could see the GTA V 1.17 or GTA Online 1.33 release date on February 9 or February 11.

While we obviously can’t confirm yet, we have a feeling that it could be this Thursday so expect details and a trailer from Rockstar soon.

Given that the content is already in the code, this update has to be coming this week and Rockstar already hinted that something would be offered for Valentine’s Day.

Are you excited about the next update? Let us know your price predictions for the new Roosevelt car in GTA Online.



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