Starbucks app update by Feb 17, new version missing

By Alan Ng - Feb 5, 2016

What is going on with the Starbucks app right now? Users have been sent emails asking them to upgrade to the latest version of Starbucks app on Android, as their current one is apparently going to stop working on February 17, 2016.

We’re not entirely sure is going on right now, but for sure we’ll press for answers. The big problem is that there is no new version of Starbucks on Android, so some users are worried that this may be a new Starbucks email scam being circulated.

A copy of the email image can be shown below as an example of what you may have seen hours ago. The Starbucks app version is currently at 3.4 and that relates to both Android and iOS.


The app hasn’t received an official update since the end of January, so this is obviously causing a lot of stress right now. Why would Starbucks send out these emails telling customers to update when a new version isn’t available?

We’ve had a quick look at the official Starbucks Twitter page and there’s nothing about a new version being prepared for February 17, so stay on your toes for now.

Did you receive the same email below and are looking for answers? Leave us a comment below and we’ll update you when we have more.

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  • Don’t know if this is related but 1) I got the message, 2) It says my device is not compatible when I try to update and 3) My mobile app ordering stopped working last week because it can no longer locate or designate a store location for a mobile order. 5) without the app, starbucks s Pete’s with worse coffee.

  • Kevin Day

    I have getting this notification through email and every time I open the app for I believe over a month, but I am using version 3.2.2, and CANNOT update to 3.4. The Play Store says my device is not compatible with this version. I am on android 5.1. I can find no reason why it would not be compatible.

    To those who are getting the notification and DO have the latest version, did you possibly install the old version on a device you don’t use anymore? Perhaps they just keep track of the version on each device, and then send an email if they see that you have a device that hasn’t updated (stupidly not checking to see whether or not the device has been used recently).

  • annienole

    The exact same wording is on the website..that old apps are going to stop working on Feb. 17….and the email came from the same place that I get all the other emails from starbucks telling me about my rewards etc. I had actually gone to the playstore to update before i got the two emails I have gotten, and it told me that the update was not compatible to my android running 5.1. Makes no sense…since the app is supposed to work on Android 4.0 and higher. But I can not update as of now… I did not click on the phone after receiving the email but clicked on my computer to see where it took me….and it just took me to the app page…absolutely nothing suspicious…and asked for nothing….I contacted Starbucks…they were clueless….but I do think they have screwed up somewhere here….I am always very suspicious of any phishing emails…I don’t think this was malware…

  • socalman777

    If you clicked on the link, please assume your Android or iPhone may be infected with malware. Suggest you clean wipe your phone and reinstall everything

  • socalman777

    I got an email and it looks like spam phishing attempt to me

  • Jen

    I got a notification from the app.

  • Erika

    Sharon, I’m having the same issue with my LG G4. Tech support told me to uninstall and reinstall the old app so I uninstalled but can’t reinstall bc incompatible. Both online and phone tech support were clueless.

  • Sharon

    I could not install the app on my Samsung S5 got a message that it was not compatible with my device.

  • Canuckistan Buddy

    Don’t most apps just update themselves? I can’t recall getting an email telling me I had to update an app before, they just do it themselves, usually as I’m on my way out the door, or some other inopportune time.

  • Laura

    I got this email. I’m not clicking the link. An update should be in the app store if it’s legit.

  • Erin

    I received the email, and do not see a new app

  • Jennifer

    I received an email.

  • Michael E Riith

    My wife and I both received this email to our own email accounts.

  • Theresa B

    I did not receive an email but a message from within the app itself. So I’m not sure this is a scam but where *is* the update??

  • Sabrina Elisabeth

    I got it too and saw it on my phone through the email app. I clicked on the email to read it, but then it disappeared and took me to the next email. I escaped out, and the email is gone. Not in my spam, archive or trash. I also logged into Yahoo and it’s not there either. I have the most current version of the app. Very odd.

  • Rudy

    Yes i received the same message on my starbucks app, any update? Will there be no more app for Android users?

  • Ocean View

    Has to be spam/scam/phishing. I have never received emails stating that my login-type app’s need ‘updating’.
    Unfortunate Starbuck’s will not send a letter of beware or explanation.

  • BillyBobJohnson

    I think someone at Starbucks screwed up. How else does the same thing show up in the app’s Message section?

  • Caywood

    Yes I received the email and contacted Starbucks. Here is their response: “I’m sorry to hear that you have received an suspicious email about upgrading your Starbucks app. Sometimes Starbucks will send out these emails, click on the link that you have received to ensure that Terms and Conditions are from Starbucks that are attached to the update. Also verify that the web link came from Starbucks as well. If this information checks out, then its ok to complete the update. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.” Why would I click on any of the links if I think it is a link that isn’t legit???

  • Silence Dogood

    Typical Starbucks. They can’t ever get an order right.

  • Rico

    Yes i received the email and immediately went to update my app. It kept going on circle though. Couldn’t find a actual update. Very frustrating

  • Reality_Speaks

    I think it’s legit (got the same message in email, as a message within the app and as a popup reminder sent to my droid) but I think it’s another example of Starbucks not knowing how to properly write an app. My guess is it’s not doing a proper version check and is just spamming everyone who has the app or an online account or they sent it out early and a new version is forthcoming. Either way, it’s mind boggling a company of that size can’t write an otherwise simple app.

  • Amanda June Hagarty

    I got the email and was immediately suspicious. App upgrades don’t come to your in box they come from your app store. I also had an attempt to log into my google account blocked by google a few days ago. so I was wondering if its some attempt to gain access to my google account through a spoofed email. I showed my husband and said “don’t click on any links” what does he do…he clicks on the “view online” link trying to figure out how to see the header. It seemed to be sent by something called cheetah mail. Does starbucks use cheetah mail?

    • pfmiller

      The email is legit. When I go to the Messages section of the Starbucks app I get the same warning that I need to upgrade.

  • Rachel

    I recieved this email and the link took me to the google play store, which is weird because I have an iPhone.

  • PhoenixP3K

    It looks strange indeed.

  • Jenny Hamilton Bishop

    Got the email, but was suspicious. Checked my app through Google Play and it says it is up to date. Never click through email!

  • Justine

    I got the email, but I’m a Windows phone user (Windows does not have a Starbucks app at all; I’m using an imitation app). If this means they’re releasing an official app, I’m game.

  • KeyReDev

    Not to overstate a point but I find the Starbucks smoothie-mondo language confusing and somewhat arbitrary.

  • KeyReDev

    A bizarre message if genuine. What is the background of personal security & Starbucks for example? Not a time to take a world of trouble in the gut.

  • Lone Wolf

    I received an email and an app notification. I also went to Google Play and confirmed that no new update available and Auto updates checked. Seriously wondering what is going on and if it is a scam what are they looking at retrieving?

    • grinning dog

      I got this same email. I think it’s a scam. I didn’t click any of the links. If my app doesn’t work on February 18th I’ll use my card and update the app later as needed. Better safe than sorry.

    • pwsfinest

      Same here, but I don’t think it’s a scam, since the app is also saying the same thing. It’s probably a case of someone pushed out an update notification before pushing the new version to the play store.

  • Amber

    I just got the email as well, seems a bit fishy.

  • Matt Woolley

    I received this email advising me to click on a link to update my Starbucks app. I did not click on any links embedded in the email. I checked Starbucks website and Twitter pages, and the iTunes store, and could find nothing to validate the email, so I am assuming it is a phishing attack. Also, I noticed the email address is – which makes me think even more that this is a scam.