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New Whatsapp update notes on Android for February 4

We have confirmation that a new Whatsapp update for Android is now available to download, as of February 4, 2016. Some of you may have heard the news about Whatsapp groups now being extended to 256 users, but we can tell you that there’s other new changes in the Whatsapp 2.12.437 Android update as well.

We have the official changelog from Whatsapp’s team to bring you now as we know many of you have been wondering what is new after getting the surprise notification hours ago.


Above is the Whatsapp update notes, revealing that there’s now Google Drive Backup and Starred Messages added to the Android version. Google Drive will let you back up your chats and media, allowing you to easily restore data when switching phone or having lost it – very useful.

With Whatsapp Starred messages on Android, you can tap and hold on any message in a chat to star it so you can then easily find it later – similar to how bookmarks worked.

There you have it with the latest update changes on Android. It’s interesting to note that Whatsapp for iOS hasn’t been updated since January 6 – catching up to do?

Let us know anything else you spot on the new Whatsapp update on Android today.



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