Destiny Xur location sprint for Feb 5

By Alan Ng - Feb 5, 2016

Xur will once again be showing up in the Tower or Reef soon and we will bring you the confirmed Destiny Xur location for February 5, 2016 as soon as he appears.

Last week he finally offered a weapon with the Thunderlord exotic Machine Gun, so hopefully he’ll continue on from this and give us another juicy exotic – Zhalo Supercell would be nice again.

Xur was also selling Alchemist’s Raiment, Skyburners Annex and the Empyrean Bellicose making it a very solid week overall.


What will Xur sell for February 5 2016 and where will his location be? Remember that he’ll spawn at 1am Pacific Time, 4am Eastern Time and 9am UK time so make sure you are aware of the times.

This will only change when we are due for the clocks to move forward or back, but we’ll let you know about that in due course.

Do you still look for Xur every Friday, in a week where we have had Bungie even ask players if they are still having ‘fun’?

Update: Xur is live and this week he is selling this inventory: Radiant Dance Machines, The Stag, Immolation Fists, Suros Regime! and a special weapon legacy engram.

Location: Outside by railings.

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  • Lucy

    The Thunderlord exotic Machine Gun was great, just hope we get another weapon today.

  • RJ

    Where is xur, been looking (feb 5th) and can’t find Xur anywhere? Is he at the tower, or elsewhere plus what time does he normally come? BTW I am new to destiny so not sure on all the details.

  • Robbie

    Personally, I’m still loving playing Destiny although the game is useless unless you buy all the DLC. I still want a new weapon today though and have saved up for it. Looking forward to see Xur in Destiny in the next 10 minutes.

  • Ben

    I bet we don’t get a weapon this week, Destiny has gone down hill since the Xur system changed, as I used to love hunting his new location and getting a cool exotic weapon every week.