Black Ops 3 Der Eisendrache Zombies Ending cutscene

By Alan Ng - Feb 5, 2016

It has taken around three days, but now we can finally say that the Der Eisnedrache Zombies easter egg has been completed. Now we have what all of you have been waiting for, the full Black Ops 3 Der Eisendrache easter egg cutscene.

It is well worth the wait as well. If you played Moon and completed the easter egg on that map, the video below is simply unmissable as it all ties in very nicely.

Richtofen plays a big part in the cutscene as many of you expected, as does Dempsey. Credit for the video goes to MrDalekJD who uploaded it, but also to Radaustins27 who provided the actual footage.


We can see that many YouTubers are slugging it out to claim being the ‘first in the world’ to finish Der Eisendrache, but for those that don’t care about bragging rights on the internet – enjoy the footage below.

Watch it and then give us your reaction to the ending which ends with getting the ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ trophy – who else was a little emotional?

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