Tom Clancy’s The Division PC superior graphics after mod

If you thought the graphics in Tom Clancy’s The Division beta were impressive, you haven’t seen anything yet. The game has already been given the mod treatment on PC and now we can see that the game is looking even better.

This is thanks to user Xenthor who has applied SweetFX to The Division PC beta with impressive results. This shader based tool has given a greater sense of detail to environments in the game, now we have the gameplay to show you.

Some gamers had once again dropped a few complaints towards Ubisoft to say that The Division didn’t look as good as it first did at E3. The big talking point right now from those who took part in the beta, is whether Ubisoft will ban players for using it.


There’s an ongoing discussion that Ubisoft may ban all mods for the PC version, but hopefully they will let this one pass as you can see it clearly has been met with great optimism from the community.

Watch the gameplay for yourself below and let us know if this would make you buy the PC version above console due to how better it can look when tools such as this are applied.



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