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Surface Pro 4 unaffected by latest recall

Microsoft has finally made the Surface Pro power cord recall official, and so you might now want to take notice of this issue. The first thing that you need to know is that the recall only affects the Surface Pro 3 and all models before that.

This means that the Surface Pro 4 is not being recalled, and so owners of the newer model can rest easy. Microsoft will not start to swap the AC power cords due to a risk of them catching on fire.

News had already been released last month about the power cord issue, and so it has taken Microsoft this long to finally make it an official recall for all Surface Pro models made before March 15th, 2015. This means that there will be some Pro 3 models that will not need to be recalled, and so you will need to check when yours was made. Although, there is an easier way, which is explained in the image below.

Surface Pro power cord recall

What to do next – Consumers are asked to stop using their affected Surface Pro and call Microsoft toll-free at 855-327-7780. You can also visit the Microsoft power cord page and take a look at the image to see if you have the older or newer version, but this only applies if you have the Pro 3.

Some people have been contacting their local Microsoft Store to get a replacement cable, but they will not be able to help, and so you can only do this by contacting Microsoft on the number we gave you above.



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