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New Kindle e-reader 2016 update for certain models

Even though more people are starting to use their tablets to read books, the e-reader is far from dead, hence why Amazon has just decided to update its Kindle range. Not all models will receive this update, but those that do will be given a refreshing new feel.

What Kindle models will be getting this new update for 2016? The 2014 basic Kindle model will, as will the 2013 and 2015 Paperwhite and also the Voyage. Owners of these devices will not get the update all at once, as this will be a staggered rollout.

Kindle e-reader update

The improvements – There is a new homescreen, which will now highlight your most recent books, along with personalized recommendations and your reading list.

That’s not all, as airplane mode will now be easily accessible, sharing is also made easier, as are the books that are not installed onto your device.

It’s hard to get overly excited about some of these updates, especially as they are already being used and enjoyed by Kobo users.



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