Der Eisendrache Bow Upgrade to Fire, Lightning, Wind, Wolf

By Alan Ng - Feb 3, 2016

We have already showed you how to get the Wrath of the Ancients bow in Der Eisendrache zombies, but now many of you will be looking for a tutorial on how to upgrade the bow to the Fire bow in Der Eisendrache.

If you are not already aware, we can tell you there are four bows in Der Eisendrache zombies and each one has different abilities and a unique quest to unlock it.

The four bows have incredibly long names, but the common nicknames from the community that we have seen are the Fire Bow, Wolf Bow, the Lightning bow and the Wind bow.


Some players have already managed to get all four bows in Black Ops 3 Der Eisendrache zombies and now we can show you the steps to unlock them yourself.

We have YouTuber MrDalekJD to thank as he has already uploaded the videos showing all four bows in action. To get the fire bow in Der Eisendrache, the steps involve shooting a fire ritual in mid air with the Wrath of the Ancient.


The fire bow seems the hardest to get, followed by the lightning bow and the Wind bow. The Wolf bow is the easiest to get out of the four in Der Eisendrache – but the main point is that your whole team can have all four bows between you!

We have included the videos below, along with guides on how to get the Fire bow, Lightning Bow, Purple Wind / Void bow and the Blue Wolf / Spirit bow in Der Eisendrache zombies.

Let us know what you think of the bows and if you are stuck on any steps in the four quests which we can help you on. Which one is the best in your opinion?



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  • MorbidBlaze

    Everyone keeps forgetinf to include the valcano step for the fire bow

  • Ammowayz

    Well first try after that post i did it you need to aim on the glowing part on the top of the rock

    • MorbidBlaze

      Run straight out shoot over the metal bix crate w.e it is

  • Ammowayz

    Same issue here i cant get the fireball fly off of it

  • DJ 44

    how do i shoot the rock in the rocket testing place i shoot it and it dosnt fly to the castle its really annoying me

    • Ryan

      It has to be right after a test launch ends

  • Ammowayz

    If you didnt hear the words after the skulls consume 6 crawlers you can shoot with your bow on the urn and he will say them again but your videos are very helpful thank you

    • Ammowayz

      This is with the purple bow by the way

  • Kaibur

    yea my friend got electric and i got the wolf 😀 SO OP

  • NgTurbo

    The fire bow is amazing guys! Anyone got it yet?

    • Dr. Toboggan M.D.

      no you big nerrrddddddd