Der Eisendrache Easter Egg with My Brother’s Keeper mystery

Some of you may now be in possession of a lovely upgraded bow in Black Ops 3 Der Eisendrache zombies, but everyone else is still trying to solve the Der Eisendrache Easter Egg to get the ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ achievement.

We’re actually amazed that nobody has managed to complete the Der Eisendrache Zombies Easter Egg steps yet as usually it is cracked within a day.

The usual suspects on YouTube though have yet to upload their completion videos so you have to take your hat off to Treyarch this time for keeping the mystery a secret for a little while longer.


You can see that the My Brother’s Keeper achievement is specifically related to the Der Eisendrache Easter Egg and the only clue given requires players to ‘Erase the One’ – whatever that means.

All sorts of speculation is floating around on whether one of the main characters has to die to complete it, but we’re sure it won’t come to that.

Do you know anyone who has finished the BO3 Der Eisendrache Zombies easter egg and uploaded proof of doing it? If so, they may well be the first in the world to do it!

Let us know your progress so far – who will be the first team?



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