BO3 Awakening DLC download not working on PS Store

By Alan Ng - Feb 2, 2016

While many of you are already enjoying the Awakening DLC map pack for Black Ops 3, we can see that some of you are saying that you can’t download the Awakening DLC from the PlayStation Store.

We’ve had look at this ourselves and can confirm that for some reason there isn’t a download button for Awakening – only a ‘purchased’ confirmation which obviously isn’t helpful.

To recap, Treyarch released Black Ops 3 update 1.05 hours ago and this provided the main support for the Awakening DLC maps. However you still need to download the maps physically from the store and once you have done that you will see a ‘green’ arrow appear next to Der Eisendrache in game.


There is still no way to download the map though as it is always showing ‘purchased’, which is very odd.

We know that many of you are having no problems with this and are already playing, but some of you could be stuck just like the images we’ve supplied here.

Is this happening to you right now where you can’t play the Awakening DLC maps for Black Ops 3? Leave a comment below and let’s try and solve this problem.

Update: If you are getting the same thing where it won’t let you play the new Awakening DLC maps, try restarting your PS4 console and then reenter the game – it should work after that.

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  • Jamie Talley

    Anyone having issues with getting awakening or eclipse downloaded, but can’t play the new maps for team deathmatch? They won’t show in rotation for me to choose from, always just throws me into the default turn and after I have played them all, kicks me from the server. I have paid 30 bucks for these and can’t do what I want with them. Going to check into a return of my money if I can’t figure it out.

  • trea carr

    I got something that might help, try deleting black ops 3, then go to your settings, then scroll down to System Storage Management, then click application, and delete black ops 3 on application, then go back to the System Storage Management, go down to saved data, and then delete the black ops 3 data, which whpuld delete all dlc and the entire game off of you console, and then reinstall it back, for some reason, awakening, has a attention of installing itself

  • Dan

    I’ve installed it, rebooted, even deleted the whole thing and redownloaded and it shows and purchased and installed but still when I go to play it, the game tells me that I need to purchase and download the dlc. When I select store, it already shows purchased. Kind of frustrating…

  • Cole

    For some reason mine downloaded instantly it wouldn’t let me download so I checked if it had downloaded and it had within 5 minutes it’s very strange

  • k4cafor3 Jandali

    Same here I bought it and can’t download I tried from play station store and still can’t it said purchased tho