Black Ops 3 Awakening DLC release time confirmed on PS store

By Alan Ng - Feb 3, 2016

We have some very useful information for you now, as we know many of you are currently wondering if the Black Ops 3 Awakening DLC maps are out at midnight on February 2 Eastern Time.

The answer to this straight away is no, as Call of Duty DLC is never playable at midnight EST so we can answer that question already.

During the week we have been building up to the Black Ops 3 Awakening countdown here by predicting that the Awakening DLC release time would be after 1am Pacific Time – based on previous release trends.

However, we have spotted that on the official Awakening DLC listing on the PlayStation Store Sony has already stated that this content will be playable at 12am Pacific Time.


That means that while those on PST will get to play at midnight, those looking to find out when Awakening DLC comes out Eastern Time will have to wait until 3am to play.

Again this is nothing new though so you should probably get some sleep and come back fresh in the morning. For those asking when will Awakening be released in the UK – it should now be from 8am onwards.

Given that we usually never see specific times mentioned, we are assuming that this is real since it is currently being displayed by Sony.

If anything changes up until release, we will update this but for now let the hype begin. Are you ready to download the Awakening DLC maps on PS4 first with your Season Pass?

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  • lee shaw

    Dlc maps saying installed go onto game in custom games to change maps keeps saying have to purchase from store … any help with this ppls

  • NgTurbo

    Anyone downloading yet??

  • Gunna

    Headd_gunna_ add me ps4444

    • Esteban Mena

      traplord_mena i got you at 3:00 im working, so pumped to get back home !

  • Claybrah

    I got the season pass when the maps come out how do I get them someone please help me asap


      Read the article!!

    • Erza Scarlet

      In game you will find there is an option for store. Under store go to DLC or something like that and it should say “free” under the awakening dlc. Then just click on it to begin downloading

    • Og Grimey Ass Melvin New gold

      I’m waitn to add me

    • HuntersImpala014

      You download them straight from the ps store it’ll be free since you already purchased it through the season pass.

  • NgTurbo

    Der Eisendrache or Skyjacked first?? 😀

    • DragonOkage

      Flip a coin! Skyjack was heads and landed tails. So go for the zombies! Skyjacked can wait. 😉