PSN down February 1 with server status not working

By Alan Ng - Feb 1, 2016

It looks like we have our first PSN of February right now, as many PS4 and PS3 gamers are complaining that PSN is down on February 1 2016.

This is somewhat strange, as the official PlayStation server status checker website shows that there are no problems whatsoever with all services highlighted in green.

Tell that to thousands of gamers on Twitter though who have just been kicked from the likes of FIFA 16, Rocket League, Destiny and Black Ops 3 with servers down for them.


Evidence of PSN not working on February 1 2016 can be seen above with the live comments that we saw just minutes ago.

We’re not sure how widespread this outage is, but we do know that Sony’s server status website is not updating in realtime which is a real problem – what is the use of it otherwise?

Is PSN down for you right now or is it just us? Please state your location so we know how widespread it is – head back here for the latest updates.

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  • Nollie V

    Been down for 3 days in south Louisiana

  • murgad32

    Chicago down

  • Lester Ecks Joseph

    It’s down in Trinidad and Tobago as well

  • Juan ( ._.)

    in brazil works

  • Shazam

    Up and running for me in uk

  • Bex

    From the Netherlands, down for me as well

  • fuckingbrokeasspsn

    Down in utah



  • VORTEX13

    Psn is down for me right now but my brother can get on psn and he’s a couple of metres away from me WTF?

  • Brandon Lee Poirier

    Can’t sign on for last hour and a half in metro Detroit Michigan. Last day of double XP on black ops 3 too. Nice.

  • Piper Wright

    We ALL need stop paying this fuc*** service

  • Bishwhur?

    500$ console, 60$ games, 60$ internet bill, 50$ ps plus subscription, 11$ Hulu, 11$ Netflix..when will it end

  • Legendary Dman

    Lakewood Ohio PSN is down so I can’t play GTA V online

  • jimmy

    Every month. Why do we pay for if these idiots can’t even keep a service running.

    • Scott Minter

      Simple we all need to stop paying.Then lets see what they do.They will have know choice to make it free

      • jimmy

        Sadly all the fanboys who do nothing but play games would never let this happen.

  • Scott Minter

    East midlands Northamptonshire down

  • Scott Minter

    Here we go again

  • Khai

    Same in Toronto

  • Sandros94

    Italy Rome:
    PS4 down, cannot even access psn
    PS3 loging in but not working (and then psn drops)

  • Pandakitty85

    Down in the UK last day of iron banner same as last time psn went down 4 weeks ago 😡

  • Steffano Escalante

    It’s down for me here in Connecticut as well

  • Mxgpgtav

    Yeah. Im in SE Ohio, and its down for me. I understand technilogical complications from time to time, but come on already. Sony, you had 1 job.

  • novakid89

    This is some bs trying to play the division beta and now i cant because psn is down…im ready to seitch over to xbox

    • Scott Minter

      Hi is the beta still available

      • Hidden~Tiger96

        It will work until tomorrow but considering that the whole psn is down they might prolong it, but you never know it is UBI

    • Scott Minter

      I noticed the game had been taken of the free to play section and ive just received my beta code today,so do i just type the code in and it will let me play even though the game is not in the free to play section any more

      • novakid89

        Yea just enter the code in the redeem codes section, download, install and ure good. Beta is over on 2/2/16 at 6am…thats y im upset. U probably cant do anything until psn is back up tho

        • Scott Minter

          Ok thanxs for the info.Hopefully it will be up and running very soon