Black Ops 3 Double XP ending time in US, UK

We have a quick heads-up for you now on the Black Ops 3 Double XP ending time in US and UK, since most of you may be too busy ranking up to have checked when the event is actually ending.

If this is you, we have you covered. Double XP will end on Monday at 10am Pacific Time, which means 1pm Eastern Time and 6PM UK time.

This means that you still have a good 10 hours of play left to rank up to your hearts content and get to that next Prestige or zombie level.


Double XP has been live on all modes, so hopefully most of you would have been playing XP-intensive modes such as Safeguard on Ground War to really get the most out of the event.

How many levels have you managed to go up since Friday? Let see who can claim the most bragging rights with XP earnt since Double XP started.

Remember that the Awakening DLC is just hours away – find out the likely release times for US and UK here.



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