Find where the new Xur location is for Jan 29 today

We are now hours away from Destiny players finding out where is Xur’s location on January 29, 2016. As always, we will be first to let you know what Xur is selling today and more importantly if he is in the Tower or hiding in the Reef.

It’s worth pointing out that we are seriously overdue an exotic weapon from Xur. For the previous two weeks Xur has not had a weapon so you can bet that this will be playing on the minds of Guardians who are hoping it’s a case of third time lucky.

Last week he was selling exotics such as the The RAM, MK44 Stand Asides and the Sealed Ahamkara Grasps. Many veterans will have already acquired these pieces of gear, so it wasn’t an ideal week in terms of excitement.


With that in mind, let’s hope that Xur’s inventory for 29/01/15 is a lot better. Remember that Xur will spawn in the Tower or Reef at 9am UK time, 4am Eastern Time and 1am Pacific Time in the US.

This is always the same schedule for Xur until the clocks change, so make sure you know when he’ll be there. Let’s also hope that Bungie has fixed the Reef door bug for Xur so that if he is in the Reef again, he won’t get stuck.

Let us know what you are waiting for Xur to sell and if you agree that it has been a disappointing few weeks in terms of selection.

Answer this question: Are you still playing Destiny daily, or are you waiting for Destiny 2 to be announced now?

Update: Xur is live and we’re happy to say that he has a weapon this week! Xur is selling the Thunderlord and also has the Alchemist’s Raiment, Skyburners Annex and the Empyrean Bellicose.

Location: In the tower, by the bar



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