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Sky Q box price, UK release date for Sky HD+ upgrade

UK consumers are gearing up for a big announcement today, with home owners eager to find out how much Sky Q costs in the UK. The Sky Q box price and release date should be confirmed on Friday 29 February and we’ll be able to bring you the important details soon.

Sky Q is going to be the company’s new way of transforming home entertainment for UK consumers and more importantly, the entry into Sky offering an Ultra HD supported box with Ultra HD channels set to roll out later in 2016.

Another big feature of Sky Q is that it will have the capability to record up to four channels at once while the viewer watches a fifth channel.

You’ll also be able to watch these recorded programmes around the house using Sky Q Mini boxes or send the programmes directly to tablets or mobile phones to watch on the go – a big request from many consumers.


Sky has announced that the Sky Q release date in UK will be sometime in February and while we are still waiting for confirmation on price, it is expected around the £350 price point making it slightly more expensive than Sky+HD.

Sky Q subscription prices could go up by £20 compared to Sky+HD prices currently, but we’ll update this once we have the details from Sky – these are just rumors so far to give you an idea.

In the meantime, you can check out much more details on the full Sky Q feature list here and how it compares to your current Sky+HD experience.

Are you planning to upgrade to Sky Q or not?

Update: The details have finally been confirmed by Sky. The release date is Tuesday February 9, while the Sky Q Silver box subscription price will start at £42 per month.

There’s also a £99 set up fee involved and Sky has said that current Sky+HD subscribers should expect to pay an extra £12 a month if they want to upgrade to the Sky Q features.

What are your thoughts on the pricing, will you take the plunge?



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