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More Jolla tablet shipping next month

The latest Jolla tablet delivery date was meant to be in December, but that has been a gone, and so whenever there is an update to its delivery status you can understand why those that had already pre-ordered are a little skeptical. However, there is now news that some of the first backers will be getting their product soon, as the Jolla tablet will be shipping next month – well just 540 of them for now.

Just 121 Jolla tablets have shipped so far, which was back on October, but things slowed right down after the company behind the tablet ran into financial difficulties.

What is sad is the fact that the Jolla tablets that will ship in February will be the last of their kind. If you were one of those that had parted with money later down the line, you will now have your money refunded to you, which does seem a shame.

Jolla tablet release date

To further rub salt in the wounds of those of you that will not be getting the tablet, you could be waiting up to a year to get your money back because the refund process is not a simple one.

It will be interesting to see if the company will be able to fulfill a full refund for the thousands of people that had paid in advance in the hope of getting a Jolla tabletlet’s just hope they are able to do so, as that would be a double kick in the teeth for those that had pre-ordered one of these tablets.



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