LEGO Marvel Avengers Spider-Man DLC release in 2016

By Alan Ng - Jan 28, 2016

Now that LEGO Marvel Avengers has launched, we can see that attention has undoubtedly switched to the likelihood of a LEGO Marvel Avengers Spider-Man DLC pack coming out later this year.

It’s no secret that Marvel has been completely silent on Spider-Man’s role in the Civil War movie and we haven’t even seen the Spider-Man Civil War suit yet which everyone is waiting for.

This will come sooner or later though and given that LEGO Marvel Avengers already has Civil War DLC packs out, we have a feeling that the Spider-Man DLC will also be coming for the game.


Fans would be happy to pay whatever the cost to see Spider-Man in the game, given that LEGO Marvel Avengers appears to be the only main Marvel game releasing on consoles this year which will emphasise content based on the movie.

Let’s hope that once Marvel finally show off Spider-Man in their Civil War marketing, that will then pave the way for Spider-Man DLC to be be announced.

What are your impressions of the game so far? Do you agree that Spider-Man DLC needs to come out – if so, how much would you pay to have the official Civil War Spider-Man in LEGO Marvel Avengers?

Would it be even better if the Lego Marvel Avengers Spider-Man DLC pack included Iron Spider?

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  • Pc World

    hey guys i have all dlcs + Ant man and Spider Man
    if you want it just contact me on this Email:

  • Yannick van acker

    they would better begin with the Civil War pack and the Ant-Man Pack to release on pc, then bring the Spiderman pack also on pc. Why do Game Developers always have the need to pick one console.

  • Eugene

    Add a civil war pack 2 where spider man and ant man are some other new suits of iron man and captain America btw add spider man (civil war) suit btw this should cost 9.99$ and the spider man DLC should cost 14.99$ if u read my other comment of the spider man DLC if you didn’t read it and you should probably release this June 29 or July 17 and please release spider man DLC pack March or April 23 or 30 please I’ve been loving spider man since I was 4 or 5 I’m 11 right now and you don’t have to put spider man (civil war) suit on the spider man DLC pack please add listen to me if your reading this but if your someone else reading this reply on this comment and say “I do too” please pretty pretty pleeaaaaassssseeeee

  • Eugene

    Yes add Spider man add iron spider,spider man (miles morales), miles morales, Peter Parker, the symbiote spider man, scarlet spider man, and the amazing spider man 1 and 2 suits and spider man 1,2 and 3 suits even the the black spider man suit, add Rhino, electro, sandman, venom, carnage, green goblin (Norman Osborn) the new green goblin ( Harry Osborn ), Harry Osborn, Norman osborn, max, Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, Doctor octopus, big time spider suit, spider man 2099 and if I missed any suits put them on and a level pack please spider man 1,2 and 3 Ending fights and the amazing spider man 1 and 2 ending fights please show this I’m a huge spider man fan

  • nintendogamer199

    Nice Clickbait. You made your speculation seem like an announcement.