GTA V 1.16 update notes link for PS4, Xbox One

By Alan Ng - Jan 29, 2016

We can see that a surprise new GTA 5 1.16 update has just gone live minutes ago on PS4. As far as we’re aware, Rockstar hasn’t given players a heads-up on what is coming for GTA V which means that the GTA V 1.16 update notes are a mystery until they are posted to Rockstar’s support website.

Straight away, we can see that some of the new GTA V 1.16 features include new cars at Benny’s Motor Works, as highlighted in the image below which was shared to Reddit recently.


We are also hearing that a new Drop Zone Adversary mode has been added to the game as well. New cars with 1.16 include the Karin Sultan and the Bravado Banshee which are available for $15,000 and $102,000 respectively.

Rockstar usually takes a few hours between patches going live on console, to posting the official GTA V 1.16 update notes list here – or the GTA Online 1.32 patch notes specifically.

As a result, let us know what else you have spotted new in the game and what your thoughts on the update are.

Let’s make a list of all the new features to make it easier for everyone.

Update: It looks like this 1.16 update from Rockstar is actually secretly putting the groundwork in for the Valentine’s Day update! We know this as details have already leaked revealing one new car for Valentine’s Day – find out what it is here.

Update 2: The notes have now been posted by Rockstar and you’ll find them in the link above – let us know what you think of all the new changes in GTA Online 1.32.

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  • I really like Chinese food.

    I’m good with this update. It was completely unexpected, a pleasant surprise.

  • .

    They need to stop updating so much rockstar are piss takes should make updates atleast smaller

  • David Malave

    Bravado banshee I’m assuming their Is a lot of customization?

  • William

    This is just to contain us till mid February when the proper lowriders2 dlc is realised check nauoght on YouTube Gta news daily

  • Ashley

    only 2 cars not a big update

    • Wildfire

      If they’ve put the Sultan that can be modded with the low rider garage in , them that’s good enough for me, + a big list of fixes no doubt.

      Wasn’t expecting a monster update anyway.

      • The Snitchfather

        it was 9.8GB though…way bigger than heists for some reason

  • Simon Coope

    Gtav Zombie dlc… Can only wish!

    • sartt

      they need to do this….

    • The Snitchfather

      good idea, since i was making an apocalypse series, its kind of hard without zombie npcs

  • CARL

    Man! archive hidden…
    mpvalentines2 28/01/2016

  • tracey

    Is any one having trouble loading up gta 5 after doing update

    • Junayd

      Yes babe, come over for Netflix & chill until the patch 🙂

      • Wildfire

        Damn your mouth is DRY son.

        • William

          Get that guy some water quick

        • The Snitchfather

          he needs some milk!

        • William

          Forget it bro he just died of dehydration…

        • The Snitchfather

          All i can say is rest in p*ss

      • BADAZZ

        You need some milk

  • Alaa Alborini

    You should do more improvements and upgrades to the single player, honestly do not keep the focus only on the online.

    • NgTurbo

      I agree, sadly Rockstar already said last year that they were ‘fully focused’ on online now for their team.. not SP.

      • Wolfie.69

        Can’t believe a thing that comes from R*. Remember WAAAAYYYYYY back when it hadn’t long released, ‘We will have more for Michael, Trevor and Franklin in the coming months’ or something to that effect…..

        • K

          And leave nothing for gta6 what more do people want

        • Simon Coope

          Red dead redemption 2 for a start 😁

        • James Turner

          I’d say having a fluid plan of action rather than one set in stone is working out very well for them, can’t blame them for changing direction.

    • Joseph Wilkinson

      Yes your right all new cars guns ect. Are going to online
      I would like to have them in single player

      • DaddieFatsacs

        i haven’t touched the single player in over a year, stick with the fun stuff…..i say add casino online…horse race bets, pool table bets, stock investments…

        • CARL

          hearth me goooood!!!!!

        • Indigo$

          Hell yeah dude

    • The Snitchfather

      F*CK STORY MODE. Nobody gives a sh*t, get with the times man.