GTA 5 Valentine’s Day 2016 DLC update leaked with new car

By Alan Ng - Jan 29, 2016

Thanks to the GTA 5 1.16 update which went live on Thursday January 28 2016, we can now bring you some early details on the next big agenda on the minds of the GTA community.

This is the GTA 5 Valentine’s Day 2016 DLC update which Rockstar will be preparing for release on February 14, or just before – we’ve discovered that it should be known as the GTA 5 ‘Be My Valentine’ update.

Rockstar always give players some new content and now we could have some leaked information to share ahead of schedule.

Dataminers have already plucked apart the 1.16 update and have discovered a string of code which reads ‘mpvalentines2’. More importantly, it reveals that Rockstar are planning to bring at least one new GTA 5 Valentine’s Day 2016 DLC car with a remodeled Roosevelt.


We know this as descriptions have already been found leading to the Roosevelt, with Rockstar stating the following:

“They don’t make them like they used to, which is a good thing because here at Albany we’ve completely run out of ideas. Lovingly remodelled, with room for a new suite of personal modifications, the latest edition of our classic Roosevelt represents a new height of criminal refinement.”

If that isn’t a point blank confirmation of a new Albany Roosevelt for the GTA V Valentine’s Day 2016 DLC update, then we don’t know what is.

That appears to be the only car confirmed so far, as the rest of the update should include a vast amount of new saucy clothes to purchase, themed of course around Valentine’s Day and your significant other.

Once we hear more details of this update and of course get the GTA 5 Valentine’s Day 2016 DLC trailer, we will add it here as soon as possible.

What are your thoughts on the a new version of the Roosevelt coming on or before February 14?

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  • SeVeN Tru GTA Beast

    Very cool , just bought the banshee 900r . Love it … but I was thinking it might have air bags or something but I was disapoited when I found out u can only do small customizing to it . A little more than u can to a normal car but less than a lowrider … why add it if u cant custom it like a lowrider right !

    • Anthony Economou

      How much did it cost you to upgrade it?

      • SeVeN Tru GTA Beast

        It was right at 1 million , the upgrade cost is the expencive part almost 600k just to start at bennys ill upload a video of the car I just bought , check my YT CHANNEL
        YT- SeVeN Tru GTA Beast
        Twitch – GeorgiaBoi613
        Twitter -GeorgiaBoi613
        Xbox one -DaBeezNeez777
        I host car show’s every saturday night at 8pm EST

        • joe

          Thnx for the info bro.

        • Anthony Economou

          I got it, it only cost me about 700k

    • Str8cash_scoota

      well because its the only car you notice when you drive inside. … so it has to be there