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Safari crashing on iPhone with address bar fix

If you are wondering why Safari keeps crashing on your iPhone today, Wednesday January 27, 2016 you’ll need to know that this is also happening to a large number of users on a global scale.

We’re not sure of the exact reason why Safari keeps closing on iPhone, but we do know that it is related to the Apple’s Safari suggestions feature of the web browser.

Luckily, for those looking for how to fix Safari from crashing here’s what you need to do:


Simply go to your phone settings, head to the Safari app action then turn off ‘Safari search suggestions’. This is what appears to be the main cause of the problem and by turning it off you should be able to use Safari normally without the app crashing on the address bar today.

Given the fact that this appears to be happening to every iOS user on iOS 9 and iOS 8, we are assuming that Apple is already working on an official fix – we will update you here when something is said.

Has your Safari browser stopped working today and keeps closing? Try out this fix and leave us a comment below if it works for you.



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