Clash of Clans update release time after Jan 26 maintenance break

By Alan Ng - Jan 26, 2016

It looks like we are almost ready for the Clash of Clans update release time. Supercell has again sent out a final reminder that the update is coming and now it seems that the update may go live on Tuesday January 26, 2016. Update: The new update has been confirmed to go live today!

We say this as Supercell has already given out several reminders about this update and another one suggests to us that it is coming in a matter of hours.

For those that are still aren’t aware, this update will add the Treasury, Star Bonus and Loot Cart to the game and we have a preview video below which recaps all Clash of Clans features that are coming in the update this week.


As for when the Clash of Clans update is out, Supercell usually delivers new content morning European time, so we would suggest to look out for the update from 10am – 2pm UK time – as a heads-up only not confirmation.

Let us know when Clash of Clans goes down for a maintenance break on Tuesday January 26. Remember, Clash of Clans is NOT closing down despite recent rumors either.

Update: We now have confirmation from Supercell that the update is ready to go live today. That means Clash of Clans will be down for a maintenance break on Tuesday January 26, 2016. Get ready and we’ll let you know when the update is live to download!

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  • Skiller

    The newest coc version

  • Skiller

    Go on the website apk pure . c o m there you can download it

  • Skiller

    Hey so you wanna now how it will work

  • Mikaela Kristel Esta

    clear data/cache works. just reboot my device and update again. thanks

  • Sheng

    Device is not compatible. Im using LG Magna. Wttf

  • Someone

    Players affected by “Your device is not compatible with this version”, please try: Settings >App Manager>Google Play Store>Clear data/cache

    • Sheng

      Tried it. Nothing happened.

  • CocBro333

    Your not alone with this problem

  • Jonathan Jinks

    Does anyone have a work around for this update? I have tried restarting my s5 and still same result. Device is incompatible

    • Someone

      try: Settings >App Manager>Google Play Store>Clear data/cache

  • Jonathan Jinks

    My Samsung s5 also can not update, and I can’t even log in now. Wtf

  • CocBro333

    You can say you have *

  • CocBro333

    Hey, if you have a rooted Device you can Use Market Helper, this app tricked Google Play so you can das you have an Nexus 5 ans so its Maybe possible

  • Blondie Disaster ♫

    Guys i cant update it. Says is not available! I have a Lg G3.. What to do???

  • raj sodhi

    Hey, I have a HTC desire 820 – play store says. ” update incompatible with device ”
    Anyone facing same issue??

    • mark

      Yeah me also says that my device is not compatible.. Plz help

  • CocBro33

    Parviz thats also my Problem with my LG g flex2 in android5.1.1

  • CocBro333

    Can anyone say me how the new Version called.Die Version Number please

  • parviz

    Any one knows how to update in galaxy s5

  • Guest53

    C C is still down. …

    • sahul

      New update ia out for donwload !!!

    • Rickey

      can u give me a link

  • grace

    angad are you there?

  • Abeeaz Islam

    yeahhhhh….the new update is here!!! 😀

  • grace

    i want coc TH 10 account ,some one give me an account if you stop playing

    • Angad

      I am ready to give it to you.

    • Angad

      you can mail me at

      We will discuss abt the same.

      • grace

        ok i will send you a message

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      why would anyone do that?

  • future tank x1

    does anybody know what is this maintenance for?

  • future tank x1

    what the hell

  • NgTurbo

    Clash of Clans is down for me. Who’s excited?

    • Purplex

      Down for me too. Pretty darn excited, since the last update sucked.

      • grace

        please give me your account

        • Derek Justice

          Are you retarded? Really